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Supply chain shortages affecting food giveaways

With Thanksgiving coming up, organizers of food giveaways are working to fill food baskets.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Supply chain issues are causing sticker shock at the grocery stores this holiday season, and that's not all. Charity organizations that run thanksgiving food giveaways are also feeling the pinch.

Linda Robeson is like a lot of people right now—a bit stressed out by the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year.

"Turkey prices are up 100%."

But Robeson didn't have to just buy one turkey to feed her family. She and her charity group had to buy 3,500 to feed just as many families.

"We could typically feed a family of four for $30 a year. Well, that's like $40 or $45 now, so consequently, that goes up for everybody," Robeson said.

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Robeson is the director of Family to Family. The organization is getting ready to host its 35th annual Thanksgiving basket distribution.

Robeson says the event is $40,000 more this year with a total price tag of $165,000.

And some items have been harder to come by.

"Sweet potatoes or yams are something we can't really get fresh in that quantity. So we ended up going with a canned yam. We try and give as much fresh stuff as we can. For our dinner that we're doing on Tuesday, we couldn't get pies, especially in the quantity, because on Tuesday we're doing a fully cooked dinner that we're doing at the (Scranton) Cultural Center. But as we speak, everything's coming together."

It's just the latest obstacle after a year and a half of ramping up efforts to help the hungry in our area.

"We are being a little bit tested, I think! But you know what? Every single time, and even with COVID, I have to tell you the community just stepped up, like it was just amazing. And people who never really knew what Family to Family or Friends of the Poor, they're just so excited now to be a part of our community of giving."

The Family to Family food giveaway takes place drive-thru style at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Scranton on Wednesday, November 24, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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