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Summer Car Care Tips

SCRANTON, Pa. — School’s out for summer, and families are ready to hit the road for summer vacation. But before you do, there’s a few things y...

SCRANTON, Pa. -- School's out for summer, and families are ready to hit the road for summer vacation. But before you do, there's a few things you should check out on your car to avoid a pricey repair bill down the road.

The experts at Kelleher Tire in Scranton shared some tips on how to improve gas mileage and what maintenance should be done before summer driving season begins.

"Biggest thing is tires, good tires. Check the air in the tires. Every vehicle has a tire placement card on the door jam. Set your tires to the manufacturer's specification's," explained Roger Swingle, Kelleher Tire service tech.

"Engine air filter is another big thing. Dirty air filters will cut down the miles per gallon on your vehicle."

That annoying pull to the left or right while you're driving could be costing you money at the pump as well.

"If the car is out of alignment, it could actually cut your gas mileage down because the vehicle is designed to run on a certain plane. Therefore, you're putting resistance on that plane."

When you head to the gas station to fill up, make sure you're putting the right gas in.

"A lot of the manufacturers require certain octane levels for the vehicle. Make sure you're putting in the proper octane levels for the vehicle."

With summer storms seemingly always popping up, remember that good traction isn't just important for driving through the snow and ice.

"If you have a tire that's worn, you're going to lose traction on the vehicle. Therefore, it's going to cause your vehicle to hydroplane and possibly cause an accident."

If you have any doubts about checking your car over yourself, you can swing by a reputable car shop like Kelleher. They'll look your car over for free before you hit the road this summer.

"Most garages are more than happy to take a look and make sure everything is up to par. We here will check your car out at no charge. Definitely love to help out people with tires, take a look at them, make sure they're safe for the roads," Swingle added.

Swingle also tells us to watch out for potholes filled with water that could land you back in the shop.