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Students share talents with first responders

Some high school students from our area are using their skills in the kitchen to say thank you to local first responders.

SCRANTON, Pa. — For the kids in the kitchen of the Career Technology Center in Scranton, this has been a labor of love. They've been working hard all week on a very special meal.

"I take pride in what I do, so I want to make sure it looks good and tastes good as well," said Katie Solsbury, a student in the Valley View School District.

The recipients are members of the Scranton Police and Fire Departments. Homemade Bolognese, fresh vegetables, and gratitude were on the menu.

"It means a lot that they want to honor local first responders, especially this close to September 11. We take a lot of pride in that, and we're happy to be here," said Pat Fiscus with the Scranton Fire Department.

The CTC has been doing this lunch near the anniversary of 9/11 for ten years. This is the first year that none of the students here were alive in 2001.

"We love to feed, and we also learn, almost like, a history lesson as well. With 9/11 coming up, we learn a lot from that," said Hector Ortiz, a Scranton High School student.

It's a lesson in history and on how to give back. The students will graduate with the knowledge they need to work in the hospitality industry right away and maybe go on to become chefs. They're already experts in showing appreciation.

"They do so much for the community and give it back to them," said Ashyia Blakey, a student in the Mid Valley School District. "They do their job. I go here for cooking, and it just means a lot to me that I can use my opportunity that I have here to give to them."

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