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Strong storms cause flash flooding in Lackawanna County

Flash flooding shut down roads in the Electric City and caused damage to some homes Friday.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Rain water was waist deep on Meridan Avenue near Hope Way in Scranton. 

A car tried to drive through during the storm and got stuck. 

Three people were inside and they all got out fine.

Elsewhere in the Electric City, water was rushing down Pittston Avenue. The road was closed near the intersection with Kane Street because of flooding.

"Usually one or two cars get stuck.  When it rains that hard that fast these storm drains back up. Now, if that storm drain was working we wouldn't have a flood problem here today," said Frank Alu, Scranton.

Along Beech Street in the city, Judith McGreevy said the strong storm tore up part of her yard and brought water into her home.

"I got some water damage. It fills up underneath where my hoppers are in my basement and it starts seeping through. I've been trying to keep in charge of that taking care of it with blankets and stuff," said McGreevy.

She took video on her cell phone as the storm was pushing through, showing water rushing down her driveway and lawn.

She set up a table to divert the floodwaters from her pool, which is near the end of her driveway.

"It keeps on pushing everything back down. It's filling up against the pool. I had three feet of water against the pool," said McGreevy.

Our Stormtracker 16 team estimates more than an inch of rain fell on Friday. 

It rained in Scranton four out of five days this week. 

There is more on the way for this weekend.

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