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Starting another smoky day

People awoke to another day of smoke-filled skies in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — The smoke is all anyone seems to be talking about, impacting many of our daily lives.

3 a.m. for Ryan Funk usually means making a delivery to the News Station to restock the items in our lunchroom and chatting with morning team members.

For the past two days, those conversations have all surrounded the same topic.

"It just seems like you're in a different world. Joe said it best: 'It's like a solar eclipse.'"

But already, on his morning run to our station, it's feeling better.

"A lot better compared to yesterday. On top of the hill in Mountain Top, off (Interstate) 81 south, you couldn't even see the mountain; that's how thick it was. People were driving with their four-ways on. It was just nuts," Funk said.

While Funk still had to make his way around the area for work, a lot of other plans got canceled.

We asked you to share how the smoke has impacted your daily life. Everything from small tasks like hanging the clothes out on the line to big events like high school graduations were disrupted.

Wyoming Valley West postponed its graduation ceremony to Thursday night.

A field trip to Dorney Park didn't happen on Wednesday, and employees called it quits working on the golf course at noon.

For some, the only reason to go out was to buy fans or air filters to keep the smoke outside.

Gay's True Value in Tunkhannock has been busy.

"Definitely affects your air conditioners and your window fans if you have them open because they're just going to suck in the outside air and just cause more problems for you, making things dirty and for your breathing," Dan Gay explained.

The good news is that the worst of it seems to be behind us.

For more information on the air quality in your area, click HERE.

Check the latest Stormtracker 16 forecast HERE.

Information from the state DEP about air quality is posted HERE.

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