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Social distancing backs up DMV in Dunmore

People have to wait outside, 6 feet apart, and only a certain number of customers are allowed in at once.

DUNMORE, Pa. — The line stretched around the building outside the Driver's License Center in Dunmore.

Some people waited in the hot sun for more than two hours.

"An hour ago, it was like a zoo up here. There was two lines all the way back to there," said Butch Jacukowicz of Dickson City. 

"I was expecting maybe a line but it was all going to be pictures and pretty quick. I was not expecting to be here over two hours," said Grant Pawlik of Covington Township.

Christopher Boone of Scranton came here around 9 a.m. to get his license renewed.

When he saw the line wrapped around the building, he said, "I wanted to run back home and get back in bed and wait on breakfast!" 

The DMV in Dunmore reopened on June 5 with increased safety precautions. Workers say it's been crowded every day since.

A spokesperson for PennDOT says the combination of high demand and social distancing protocols is the reason for longer-than-normal wait times. 

Of course, most of the people waiting outside would usually be waiting inside.  Anyone who's been to the DMV before knows, waiting is just part of the experience.

"The state workers are doing their best. So I commend them on that. You can't please everybody all the time," said Boone.

"I worked at Disney a while ago so standing out here, it's not even that warm, I'm kind of just like OK, it is what it is. I came here knowing there would probably be a big crowd, so it is what it is," said MaryBeth Krivak of Clarks Summit.

You can still access many of the DMV's services online, at no additional cost. 

If you prefer to come in-person, you must wear a mask and will be screened before entering to make sure you have no COVID-19 symptoms.