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Shortage of paper carriers affecting some Times-Tribune readers

The Scranton Times-Tribune is temporarily relying on the post office to deliver its paper to some subscribers.

SCRANTON, Pa. — For Phyllis Bohenek and Jerry Tonti, reading the daily paper has been part of their morning routine for years. 

"I read the letters to the editor, then I go and do the crossword puzzle and the jumble, then I go and read the rest of the paper," Bohenek said.

"I make sure my name isn't in the obituaries," Tonti joked.

Beverly Treauthardt from Clifton Township loves starting her morning with the pages of the Scranton Times in hand.

"It makes my day. I sit and have my coffee and do the crossword puzzle."

But a shortage of paper carriers has disrupted some readers' routines.

"This morning, I went out, looked in the bushes, well, there's no paper," said Tonti.

"They said they were having trouble with the deliveries, so the next day, we got two!" said Audrey Barone from Dunmore.

"Well, that's old news. I want Thursday's paper Thursday, not Friday," said Treauthardt. 

The Times-Tribune sent out a notice to some subscribers that their daily paper will be temporarily delivered with the regular U.S. mail service while the company looks for new carriers.  

While readers we talked to may be disappointed to miss a morning crossword or two, they all feel sympathetic to the struggles employers are facing right now.

"It's a shame today nobody wants to work," Barone said.

"Everybody's hiring, nobody's working, so it's tough," said Anne Masucci from Dunmore.

We did reach out to the Times-Tribune for more details; they had no comment.