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Seven sets of twins have us seeing double on graduation day

The crowd at North Pocono High School definitely had double the fun as seven sets of twins graduated on Friday.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — One final bus ride for North Pocono's class of 2022. About 230 seniors rolled up to the high school in Moscow ready to receive their diplomas. 

Making the evening even more special the graduates include seven sets of twins.

"They're all high academic kids and they're all very involved and represent their school and their community well so it's easy to see how they might fly under the radar, right up until recently, and now they're celebrities," said Principal Ron Collins, North Pocono High School.

"Like it's very unique but I think we're all friends so we are kind of got used to it by six grade so it's normal now to us I think," said Erin Hawley, graduating twin.

Erin Hawley and her sister Colleen are one set of twins. Julie Schriver and sister Madison are another.

"It's really fun because you know you have like so many people that can like relate to you and having like a sibling go through the same experience, it's like nice to know that there's always someone has your back and are going through same things we can relate to," said Madison Schriver, graduating twin.

"Yeah it's nice to know there's other twins going through the mixup of, like, teachers not knowing which is which," said Ashley Hrywnak, graduating twin.

Ashley Hrywnak graduated with her twin sister Shelby. 

Austin Griffith received his diploma along with his twin brother Dylan.

"I guess I never really looked at it like it's been pretty normal for me because we were my twin and I were separated, so we wanted to like really grow different and we did we're like total opposites we have very different interests," said Austin Griffith, graduating twin.

"I mean it's been a unique experience like for us, it's our everyday life so it doesn't seem like anything, but when other people talk about it they're just so amazed by it, and it's just really funny to see the reactions honest," said Erin Hawley.

"It's pretty special, pretty unique and they're a great group of kids as well," said Principal Collins.

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