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Security camera shows dog being dumped in Scranton neighborhood

Neighbors in one part of Scranton discovered a dog seemingly abandoned over the weekend and were shocked when they checked their surveillance cameras.

SCRANTON, Pa. — People who live on Foster Street in Scranton were puzzled when they found a dog wandering out in the cold near Weston Field on Friday night.

Kim, a person who lives in the area, says her neighbor called her over to help him figure out where the dog may have come from.

"I looked at the dog; she was very skinny. And I said to my neighbor that I think somebody dumped her, so we investigated more."

Kim says her neighbor has security cameras on his home pointed toward the street. When they reviewed the video, they were shocked. First, the video shows a car pull up and stop. Then, a woman gets out of the car, opens the back door, pulls the dog out, and leaves it in the middle of the road before driving away.

"Somebody just threw her out like a piece of garbage, and it needs to stop because it just keeps continuing, and it seems like a lot of them have been doing it around the Weston field area."

Kim says they called Scranton police, and an animal control officer came out to investigate. One of the neighbors agreed to keep the dog overnight. They named the dog Pepper.

"I didn't want her to go to a shelter, so I was going to try to keep her if I couldn't find her home because I didn't want her to go to a shelter. She's too cute."

Pepper's story has a happier ending than most abandoned dogs. One of Kim's coworkers decided to adopt the dog. Even so, Kim says they still want justice for Pepper.

"I really hope they find these people that did this to her, and they go to jail."

Animal control officers are still investigating this case. If you recognize the person or the dog in the video, you are asked to call Scranton police at 570-348-4130.

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