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Scranton School District unveils reopening plan

As of now, the district plans to have the school year start on August 26th with a lot of changes.

SCRANTON, Pa. — The Scranton School District has unveiled its proposal to reopen, setting the start of the school year for August 26th.

School officials say it will be a blended reopening with students being taught in class for two days of the week and virtually from home the other three days.

Ashley DeFelice says she's happy to have her son start third grade in the classroom, even if it's part-time.

"I know when we were online schooling it became stressful for me and my child because he would get overwhelmed so I had to have breaks throughout the day,” said DeFelice.

The district says all the schools will be cleaned and sanitized before school starts.

Hand sanitizers will be placed throughout the schools.

Everyone in the buildings and buses must wear masks.

Furniture will be removed from classes so desks can be placed apart for social distancing and students will remain in their rooms while teachers move from class to class.

Breakfast and lunches will be grab-and-go.

Students must have their temperatures checked before going to school.

The head school nurse will monitor staff and students for COVID-19 symptoms.

District says outdoor spaces can be used for instruction, physical education classes, lunches with signs posted reminding students to continue social distancing.

For other parents or guardians, their main concern was the mask-wearing.

“Because if they have to wear a mask then they shouldn't be in school because he will not keep one on,” said grandparent Doris Mellan.

"I don't think that she will keep that mask on for, I mean, I can't even get her to keep in on in the supermarket,” said Ivette Boyer.

Teachers Union President Rosemary Boland says members worry about students who may not keep their masks on.

"My teachers or my paraprofessionals to go in and then going to meet with students, what do we do if a student says no 'I’m not wearing that mask, my mom says I don't have to wear it',” said Boland.

There is a school board meeting on Monday at 6:30 where the district will present this proposed plan.

Parents and guardians will be given a survey to fill out and return to the district by August 7th.

The school board is expected to vote on this plan on August 10th.