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SCE Environmental creating coronavirus response team

Although COVID-19 has put millions of Americans temporarily out of work, the pandemic has also created a demand for new workers in certain fields.

MOUNT COBB, Pa. — SCE Environmental Group in Mount Cobb is no stranger to disaster. The company responded to Hurricane Sandy, the 2001 anthrax attacks, 9/11, and now a global pandemic.

"For literally over a decade, we have responded throughout the country in natural disasters and emergencies. We're doing the same thing now," said Gene Talerico.

SCE Environmental is forming a COVID-19 response team. The team will be deployed throughout the northeast to sanitize buildings and 100 to 150 new workers are needed as soon as possible.

"We expect the deployment to be within the next week to 10 days. But when you respond, expect to hear back from us fairly quickly. Our hope is to begin processing applicants by Monday, Tuesday of next week."

Gene Talerico serves as the general counsel for SCE. He says the goal is to help families in our area who are losing income during the pandemic.

"We know so many families, and so many people have been displaced from their work, whether they be construction workers, landscapers, servers, you name it, everybody, their world has changed substantially."

Talerico says not only will the new hires be able to provide for their families, they'll also be doing important work: helping to keep people safe and healthy.

Keeping in practice with social distancing guidelines, the hiring process will be done completely online and over the phone.

Get more information at SCE Environmental's website.