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Rideshare companies look to offset gas prices

Both Uber and Lyft announced a new fuel surcharge to help drivers as the price of gas increases.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Starting this week, customers will pay either $0.45 or $0.55 more for each Uber trip, while Uber Eats customers will pay $0.35 or $0.45 more for each trip, depending on their location.

"Oh, I've been seeing big changes. It cost me 60-dollars to fill up today," said Bruce Baker, Uber Driver.

Bruce Baker has been driving for Uber for the last two and a half years.

This has been the most challenging time for him. The price of gas is to blame.

He says even though the fuel surcharge is expected to be temporary, he hopes it helps.

"About every 40 rides I think I'll make an extra 18-dollars. I mean it's something," said Baker.

Drivers are expected to be out in full force this week, at least in Lackawanna County.

Saint Patrick's Day on Thursday and Scranton Parade Day 'take-two' on Saturday.

People who use the ride-sharing program don't mind paying a bit more knowing the money is going back to drivers.

"It's really getting expensive day by day. The drivers who take us to different places, deserve money too," said Jasleen Kaurpanesar, Scranton.

"I mean this is the economy we are in right now. I mean also, you're gonna pay a few extra dollars to not drive drunk," said Cassandra Olick, Scranton.

As for the ride-sharing program Lyft, the company announced Monday it too plans to implement a charge. Specifics are expected sometime this week.

"It's about 60% of what we do every day, goes to fuel now," said Michael Sullum, Lyft Driver.

Michael Sullum drives for Lyft full-time. He's on the road about 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. He's still not convinced his ends will meet.

"If I do 20 rides a day, how much money is that? It's not going to cut it. It doesn't help," said Sullum.

Again, the fuel surcharge for Uber is expected to be temporary, at least two months and the company plans to monitor prices.

Lyft is expected to release more details on its plan later this week.  

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