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Neighbors Rattled by Gunfire in Scranton

Reports of shots fired on Railroad Ave near Broadway St in west #Scranton Police roped off street @WNEP pic.twitter.com/m6eF5KMJ2W — Stacy Lange (@stacyla...

SCRANTON -- Police are investigating gunfire in a neighborhood in Scranton Wednesday morning.

Scranton police say no one was hurt when those shots were fired on Railroad Avenue around 11:30 a.m.

Officers have one man in custody, but they are still looking for the shooter.

Vince Falchetti was walking with his 18-month-old daughter when he heard four or five pops from Railroad Avenue.

"Walking by, two cop cars, they roll up on the corner, the corner of Railroad and Luzerne. They tell the one gentleman, 'Down, down, down.' They got Tasers in hand. I was just happy my daughter wasn't hurt. Nobody else was hurt," said Falchetti.

Police were there within seconds. They had been only a few blocks away. A man was picked up on drug charges but officers say he was not the one who fired the shots.

They are looking for a man in his 20s, tall and thin, wearing a camouflage jacket and jeans.

One neighbor says she heard two male voices right after the shots.

"I wouldn't say yelling, but a strong conversation going on between two people. And then I just shut the door. When the cops arrived, you know, quite a few cops arrived, I just went outside and asked if anyone was hurt."

No one was hurt, but a pickup truck was hit. Police don't know what motivated the shooter, but neighbors say until he is found, they will be on alert.

"A little shaken, keep the doors locked and everything, watch the news, and make sure this person is apprehended, but I'm grateful that no one was hurt."

Police believe the shooter ran on Railroad Avenue and then may have gone into the woods nearby.

Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton police.

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