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Regal Cinemas temporarily closing across the country due to economic losses

The losses stem from the pandemic and delayed movie releases.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — There is another major business falling victim to the coronavirus.

Regal Cinema's parent company says it will temporarily close all its 536 theaters across the county.

With only a few people willing to come out and take in a movie on the big screen, including the location in Dickson City, it's a clear sign the movie theater industry is hurting from the pandemic.

Matthew Donaghy and Brianna Evans, from Dickson City, were among the small hand full of people taking in a show.

"It's kind of surprising to come up here and see nobody here,” said Donaghy.

Cineworld says the goal is to eventually reopen its theaters, but a stock analyst quoted by ABC news wondered if some theaters will remain closed for good.

Estelle Fuller from Carbondale was here to catch a movie at Regal and is concerned it might be her last.

“It does kind of worry me because there are so many ways to stream movies now, so they might not wind up opening again,” said Fuller.

Jeff Boam, an area movie reviewer, known as "The Movie Guy," says he believes the final blow was the latest James Bond movie's November 2020 release being pushed to next year.

"Of course, they didn't tie it indirectly in their statement, 'No Time To Die,' the James Bond movie, but it came on the heels of that,” said Boam. “I mean, it makes sense, 'Tenet' did not have the numbers they'd hoped for an opening during a pandemic.”

With major box office releases being pushed to 2021, the company says what's being shown in theaters isn't luring in people.

While moviegoers will have to wait to see if the Dickson City theater remains closed or will be reopened, moviegoers said this news is depressing.

"I used to go to the movies all the time before the corona came out and everything, so it's kind of sad for all of them to close,” said Kira Rogers from Taylor.

And according to ABC News, Regal Cinemas is the second-largest theater chain in the U.S., supporting roughly 40,000 jobs.