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Raising money for Dickson City flood relief

One Lackawanna County community is still dealing with the aftermath of the major flooding in the beginning of May.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — It's been more than 3 months since Dundaff Street buckled under rushing floodwaters in Dickson City, and homeowners are still dealing with the damage. 

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We talked to Jeremy Politano the day after the storm in May. 

He's just now getting his boiler fixed. 

"It should be a couple days, but at least it's happening now. We knew we had to make the money stretch out a little bit," said Jeremy Politano.

A group of residents is jumping in to help their neighbors, forming the Dickson City Flood Relief Committee. 

The group has identified about 20 homeowners so far who are in need.

 "I've got a story of a family that has their mother staying with them, like 3 generations in a house, and the mother has cancer. They've got about $80,000 worth of damage between furnaces, electrical, flooring, other issues," said Judie Senkow-Richards, head of the committee. 

Senkow-Richards has dozens of gift baskets sitting in her house right now as she prepares for a fundraising event tomorrow. 

"We've been overwhelmed with the response that we've had. I was expecting 20 some baskets, maybe. We're up to 50 some."

Since this area isn't considered a flood zone, the damage isn't covered by insurance. 

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That's why neighbors are banding together to help their own.

"More help amongst neighbors is always good," said Politano.

"This is Dickson City, and we do that in Dickson City. We help each other. It takes more than a village sometimes, and I do have people from out of the area even helping," said Senkow-Richards.

The fundraiser will take place Tuesday at the Circle Drive-In Theater.

Gates open at 7, and a showing of "The Goonies" will start at 8:30. It's $15 per carload and $10 if you don't want to stay for the movie.

The $10 ticket will also get you 7 tickets for the basket raffle.