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Plastic Army Women arrive just in time for Christmas

A Scranton toy manufacturer is fulfilling orders for female figurines that made national news.

SCRANTON, Pa. — An extension of Santa's workshop exists in Scranton's Pinebrook section at the production facility for BMC Toys. Workers there have spent months making and then shipping the highly anticipated line of Plastic Army Women.

The owner promised they'd be ready by this Christmas.

"As a toy seller, as somebody who sells toys and as an e-commerce seller, I know the difference between me being Santa's best helper and the Grinch's dog is one day. And I don't like to be in the doghouse come December 26," said owner Jeff Imel.

BMC Toys is one of the only U.S. producers of little green army men, serving a market made up of mostly of collectors or adults who had them as children.

But when he launched the line of two dozen female figurines, his client base expanded exponentially.

"The Plastic Army Women has definitely expanded the scope of people who are interested in my products. Specifically, military women have been so incredibly supportive and excited and shared so many of their experiences with me. It's just been astonishing," Imel said.

The launch of the Plastic Army Women has been so popular that Imel says his producers will be working until Christmas Eve to fulfill preorders. The line won't be available for purchase again until January.

The success has been a bright spot in a tough year.

"This is such a simple thing; it's a small plastic toy figure. It's nothing all that particularly special, but she has brought so many people together and started so many conversations and just been so fun for people. That's just a wonderful thing, and it does make me feel more like Santa's helper than probably anything else I've ever done," Imel said.

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