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Penn Paper & Supply marks 100 years

A landmark business in Scranton is celebrating its 100th anniversary, holding a ceremony to mark one century down and another to go.

SCRANTON, Pa. — In a ceremony in front of the landmark building that houses Penn Paper and Supply, employees cut the ribbon to mark a new century of business. 

The family-owned company that started by selling grocery bags to local stores now supplies businesses with more than just paper.

"You can't ever plan to make it 100 years. But if you solve one problem at a time, day after day, the days add up into weeks, months and years, and decades and eventually, you get here," said Douglas Fink, Penn Paper & Supply CEO.

Kathy McKeel has been with the company for 35 years working her way up the ladder. She says she loves coming to work every day.

"I'm very grateful that I'm still here. I hope I'm here for a lot longer, and we just keep going. We keep expanding and everything. Like I said, I love working here, and I hope we're here a lot longer," said Kathy McKeel, Penn Paper & Supply employee.

"When you have those kinds of positive business relationships. The reputation of the city, the reputation of Lackawanna County, northeastern Pennsylvania, gets extended with it. So the good quality work that they do people all over this country know about them and know about Scranton," said Bob Durkin, Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

There are many people who visit Penn Paper daily.. but they're not always customers.  That's thanks in part to the popular show, The Office, for using the Penn Paper building and Scranton as the show's fictional location for Dunder Mifflin.

Even one of the cast members Andy Buckley, who played David Wallace, congratulated the business on the milestone on Friday.

The company is glad to have had that opportunity to be featured.

"I was here when they came in interviewed because they came in my office sat down, interview me, what do you do, you know and all that stuff, but it's, it's neat to see all the people that come in from all over," said McKeel.

"Who would have ever thought that? almost 20 years ago, John Krasinski would have taken a picture of the tower, and we would be the one of the research sites for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company," said Fink.

Penn Paper and Supply hope many more generations of family-owned businesses will continue in the Electric City.

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