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Parents turn in their own children after a string of burglaries

Main Street Bagel in Dickson City is one of the most recent burglaries allegedly committed by juveniles.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — Police have made two arrests in a string of burglaries. Two juveniles were turned in to authorities by their own parents.

"He didn't take any money, he just got a snack and he went back out the door," said Carol Sohns, owner of Main Street Bagel.

Some brownies and green tea were all that was taken out of Main Street Bagel in Dickson city on Tuesday night by a burglar.

It's one of the most recent burglaries allegedly committed by two juveniles in the Dickson City and Throop area of Lackawanna County.

In the security camera video of one burglary, you can see a figure standing by the exit door of Main Street Bagel. Seconds later, a brick is thrown through the bottom part of the door and the burglar climbs through the glass.  The intruder heads straight to the refrigerator for the green tea, then towards the front counter where he takes the brownies. After he's done, he leaves the same way he came in.

One employee who was coming in for her shift Tuesday morning realized the exit door was broken into.

Main Street Bagel wasn't the only business broken in to.

Dickson City Mini-Mart was burglarized and at Junior's Convenient Store in Throop, the suspects allegedly attempted to break in but were unsuccessful.

"I think it's a shame, I feel bad for them, just like I feel bad for myself that we had to go through this," said Sohns.

After the Dickson City Police Department posted photos on Facebook of the two burglars, officers say the families recognized their sons and turned them in.

"I'm very happy that they were turned in and I'm very happy that their parents saw that they needed help because if you started life with a crime, you are not going anywhere," said Sohns.

Dickson City police say the two juveniles will be charged with breaking into the two businesses and attempting to break into a third.