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Parade Day in Scranton Brings the Crowds Downtown

SCRANTON, Pa. — The weather was much warmer than last year’s St. Patrick’s Parade, helping to make Scranton’s annual celebration of Iris...

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The weather was much warmer than last year's St. Patrick's Parade, helping to make Scranton's annual celebration of Irish heritage a wee bit brighter.

One bar owner tells Newswatch 16 it was a slow start for business, but he's expecting to beat last year's numbers.

Bagpipers, miniature ponies, leprechauns, even a hot-rod grocery cart made their way down Wyoming Avenue in the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade that drew thousands to the Electric City.

"It's just great seeing all the kids out here, everybody enjoying it, everybody coming from all over to Scranton, Pa. It's great," said Danielle Manuel of Scranton.

Parade officials say 12,000 people were in this parade known as one of the largest St. Patrick's parades in the country and a tradition for many in the crowd.

"We've been coming to this one for probably about 34 years since our Aunt Kathy gave us our first set of beads. We get more and more every year," said Mike and Dave Badyrka of Scranton.

And with warmer temperatures this year, parade-goers aren't wearing as many layers as last year.

"Last year I was in quadruples, this year I'm in singles," Manuel added.

Both vendors and businesses tell Newswatch 16 this year's warmer weather is better for business.

"It's a lot warmer. I see a lot more people out. I think it's gonna be a good day," said vendor Mike Butler.

Northern Lights coffee shop was packed with parade traffic.

"Today, business has been booming, but we're super prepared. We have three people working today. We have all our tasks to do, so we're getting through the line pretty quick," said Lily Mao, Northern Lights.

Pubs like Kildare's are hoping to make up for last year's low numbers with better weather.

"I hope we definitely beat last year, but I don't know if we'll ever catch two years ago again. I mean, that was perfect temperature, perfect weather," said Dave Magrogan, Kildare's owner.

And even though temperatures for this year's parade were still unseasonably cold, people came out to enjoy their favorite parts about the parade.

"Everybody walking in the parade and seeing people that we know," said Mikhail Barnansky of Scranton.

"Some warmer weather would be nicer, but it's awesome. Everyone seems happy, good time," said Pat Wertz of Milton.