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Puppy partner: Olyphant police training K-9 officer

He may be a little furrier than the other officers, but the police department expects King to be just as tough.

OLYPHANT, Pa. — A police department in Lackawanna County has a new four-legged member, and Olyphant police are hoping he will help take a bite out of crime in the area.

Olyphant Police Chief James Devoe has a new partner in crime.

"This is King. This is our future K-9," said the chief. "He's going to be for drugs and apprehension. You have somebody in a house, barricaded in a house, just the dog barking has brought them out for us. Nobody had to go in, nobody has to take a chance of getting shot or hurt or wrestling or anything like that. Most people are afraid of the dogs."

But King still has some training and growing to do before that. In just a year's time, this cute little puppy is going to turn into a big, bad crime fighter.

"He's cute as heck right now, but he's going to be mean," said Devoe.

King won't just help protect Olyphant, but anywhere in the valley where he's needed.

He's still in basic obedience training right now while he lives with Devoe, but soon he'll start more rigorous training at Milnerhaus Kennels in Throop.

It's a costly endeavor. So far, the department has racked up a bill of $14,000, but the community that King will be protecting has already started supporting him.

The Olyphant Neighborhood Watch is selling sweatshirts on Facebook to raise money.

"Well, everybody loves dogs. I mean, they're cute. Not only that, but everybody's kind of upset, fed up, saddened by the heroin that's in the area, the fentanyl that's in the area, and no pun intended, but take a big bite out of that," said Devoe.