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Newswatch 16 sports fans singing blues

Coronavirus has canceled sports, so our staff gets creative

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — The threat of the coronavirus has basically canceled sports.

Opening day has come and gone with no Major League Baseball.

There was no March Madness; in fact, no sports at all.

So Newswatch 16 sports director Jim Coles has gotten creative. He has been doing play-by-play of a rock, paper, scissors championship matches in the station's backyard.

It’s all taking a toll on Newswatch 16’s Chase Senior, a sports fanatic who mournfully continues to search for his beloved games and has turned eating dinner into a mini-sport to pass the time.

Newswatch 16 sports reporter and anchor Landon Stolar is using this time to expand his horizons by playing blues melodies on his guitar, trying a little yoga from his living room, and trying, painfully, to crochet.

“This is a terrible, terrible time for a sports fan and a terrible, terrible time for a sportscaster and I really hope it’s over soon," he said.

We do, too, Landon. We do, too.