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New Scranton mural unveiled

You can view the mural dedicated to the Women's Resource Center at Zummo's Cafe on Marion Street.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Zummo's Cafe on Marion Street in Scranton welcomed customers to its lawn to take in its newest addition - a mural recently completed by artist Manon Riley and the Northeast Art Project.

"I was given a rough idea from Zummo's, they gave me just a quick sketch of something that they wanted, and I just kind of took that and ran with it," said artist Manon Riley.

It's an homage to the Electric City, but hidden in the artwork is a message.

At the mural's unveiling, Zummo's dedicated it to the Scranton Women's Resource Center, a place where women facing domestic violence can seek refuge. 

"All throughout the mural, there's a lot of tributes to the coffee shop, Scranton in general, and Pennsylvania in general. But, it really just serves as a reminder that this is a safe place for women. It's a women-run business," said Janine Dobson with Zummo's.

Visitors were asked to donate to the Women's Resource Center at the event. 

"As we work with victims of domestic violence, I know how they feel. Having a mural like this, it means a lot," said Jailyn Guzman with the Women's Resouce Center.

The artist and the owners of the coffee shop hope the mural draws people to their doors and that while they're enjoying the art, they also see the message behind it. 

"It's been such an incredible experience, it's my first mural, so hopefully, it won't be the last around here!" said Riley.