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Newly-minted doctors in Scranton

Graduation season is upon us, and for more than 100 medical students gathering in Scranton, Sunday was the day they officially became doctors.

SCRANTON, Pa. — It's one of many graduation ceremonies around the country, but for this class of 2022

As of right now, you can call them Dr. Habiyaremye and Dr. Joglekar.

Altogether 114 students graduated from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, getting their degrees at the pavilion at Montage Montage in Scranton.

"They all have matched residencies across the country to the top health care systems in the country. We're very proud of them. It's an excellent class," said Virginia McGregor, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

The new doctors each overcome their own challenges along the way. 

Terrence is a first-generation college student in his family, "I do have family coming today. It's many of my immediate family and then my extended family as well. Even my birth family is coming today for this occasion," said Dr. Habiyaremye.

"Today is so fun to see the smiles on the faces of families and the pride in their hearts. And the students celebrating their accomplishment of a job well done," said Julie Byerley, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine President & Dean.

And the students say as challenging as medical school can be in and of itself, in the midst of all their training, the pandemic hit.

"It really allowed us to have a raw exposure to what actual healthcare is," said Dr. Habiyaremye.

"It made a lot of the students, including ourselves, very resilient. I think it really emphasized how important it is to communicate with patients and really understand what's going on when it comes to the pandemic," said Dr. Joglekar.

"They really learned how to think on their feet," said McGregor.

As for these two new doctors, one will head to the E.R. and one to a residency in Hawaii to care for little ones.

"Getting my MD degree going into emergency medicine at Temple University," said Dr. Habiyaremye.

"I'm graduating with an MD degree going to Hawaii to pursue pediatrics," said Dr. Joglekar.

As for advice for future students, Dr. Joglekar shared, "Don't let the pandemic slow you down, like we survived it, and just keep pushing."

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