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Venue goes from hosting festivals to farming

Owners of an event venue in Lackawanna County have found creative ways to keep the doors open by getting their hands dirty.

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — There was a time when you could hear music at Mountain Sky in Scott Township, but these days, it's been fairly quiet. Since the pandemic, the venue has had to cancel its scheduled music festivals.

Michael Rogowski owns the property and he and his volunteers had to come up with a new way to bring in revenue.

"How are we going to survive financially? Like you said, events, we have nothing this year, so then it was, 'What can we do? Let's start farming,'" Rogowski said.

The property at Mountain Sky spans over 100 acres so they had the perfect area to plant crops. All that was needed was some knowledge and help to get it started.

"Everyone came together, reached out, brought their equipment out, and here we are. It's awesome in all reality."

This wasn't the original plan to start farming so early, but with the uncertainty of what's going to happen going forward, this is the plan now.

"This year, before COVID, we were going to have an event and introduce the public to what we were going to do next year, which is this and education. So we did a little jump start and it's nowhere near what it should be, but hey, we're trying," said Rogowski.

Their harvest includes everything from tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and several types of herbs, all available for the public to purchase soon.

"We're going to put a roadside stand up at the bottom of the driveway and hit the farmers markets."

The availability of produce may vary, so you are asked to call and schedule a pickup to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe.

Mountain sky Has also paired up with Brookvalley Farms to offer horseback trail rides on the property.

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