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Lackawanna remains in red phase, surrounded by yellow counties, including Wayne

And those stuck in red are itching to get out.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Main Street is back in business in Honesdale.

Wayne County went into the yellow phase of reopening last Friday and shop owners were more than ready to welcome customers with open arms and open doors.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” said Gina Pritchard with Mommy and Me Consignments. “We have missed our customers. Our customers are like our family.”

Other business owners echoed that sentiment and are relieved to be generating an income again.

"Oh, it was like being granted a new lease on life. We were down for 65 days or whatever it was, and we could reopen again. It was great,” said Mary Diman, owner of Maude and Main.

Many of these small business owners feared the shutdown due to COVID-19 would shut them down for good.

Wendy Johannes sells a variety of items at her store called WeJo.

"It was really hard. You put your life into your store and you close the door and you don't know when you're going to come back into it again,” said Johannes.

Some people here were happy to see a return to daily life.

"I'm glad that they're finally letting people out I guess,” said Elizabeth Rotundo.

Others said these businesses are attracting customers from outside Wayne County.

“We just went to yellow during a holiday season or weekend and we had New York, New Jersey packed in here,” said Tonya Mariee.

Just over the Wayne County line, Lackawanna County remains in the red phase.

In Carbondale, people were not happy about that at all.

"I would love to be able to literally go anywhere other than the grocery store at this point,” laughed Mike O’Pecko.

“It's sad, people should know what to do and do it the right way, honestly. If everybody would listen, we'd be just like everybody else, moving on,” said Jason Farley.

It is expected that Lackawanna County will move to the yellow phase next Friday, June 5th.