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Lackawanna County landscapers get creative in dry weather

Newswatch 16's Jack Culkin talked to local landscapers who've had to get creative because they aren't mowing as many lawns.

DUNMORE, Pa. — The sound of thunder over Lackawanna County is a welcome sign for companies like Prime Cut Lawn Care and Landscaping after a long week of working in above-average temperatures.

"Definitely a little bit of relief because then you're getting mother nature's coming down and taking care of it," said Deanna Leo.

Owners Deanna and Brian Leo say it's been a tough start to the grass-cutting season, as little rainfall has led to many yards they would cut weekly becoming nothing but dead patches of grass.

"We were really hit with a dry spell very quickly as opposed to in years past. You know you have your rain. You ease into it," Deanna said. "We really didn't have much of a spring this year."

Deanna says the company has started to do more projects like driveways and mulch to make up for not cutting a ton of grass.

She says this is a luxury smaller landscaping companies might not have.

"The lawn businesses that are only relying on lawn cutting is going to definitely take a hit for them. That's why for us, whether it's mulching, you wanted driveway put in irrigation put in anything like that installed, that's where we are more focusing our time now," Deanna said.

With the first day of summer less than a month away, Deanna says if you want a green yard, you have to do one thing.

"What we are recommending to our clients is definitely keep watering lawns; have your sprinkler out in the morning. Have your sprinkler on at night cause we have not had any rain, so the best thing to do for your lawns is to keep them watered," she said.

They say today's rain did help a little, but if you're looking to really capitalize on watering your grass, lawn care experts say the best time to get out there is in the early morning, before 10 a.m. 

At that time, the temperature outside is still relatively cool, and the wind and sun are less intense. This should help get rid of those dead patches.

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