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Inventory piling up at liquidation stores

As Newswatch 16's Courtney Harrison reports, one store owner says the inventory just keeps coming in.

CARBONDALE, Pa. — Liquidation stores have been growing in popularity. They are a great place to get a good deal on household items, appliances, and more.

Anthracite Liquidation in Carbondale is one of those places packed with items that haven't been sold in major retail stores.

Fred Schultz says he shops here because he knows he'll get a great deal.

"It's cheaper than going retail. That refrigerator there we just got for $125."

Store owner Mike Melnick says a major retailer reached out to him recently, asking him to sign up for an inventory program as items they've overstocked start to pile up.

Melnick says many people remodeled homes during the pandemic, and now some of those stores have a large inventory surplus and need to move it quickly.

"Go on their appliances, and they'll sell you a truckload of appliances. You can be looking for clothing; they'll sell you a truckload of clothing. You could get some mixed loads. You can get pretty much anything that you like," Melnick said.

One of the reasons that liquidation stores like this are filling up so fast is because of returns being made at big-box stores, and that means a great bargain for those that are shopping.

"If you're dealing with a return, they're not going to sell a return because they don't know what's wrong with it. When we get it, we test all the products and then sell them," Melnick explained.

Melnick says the deliveries never stop. Newswatch 16 was there when a truck loaded with new inventory showed up and had to wait until employees could make room for the new merchandise.

"8,000 to 10,000 square feet, and then we have property upstairs, and then I have a 6,000 or 8,000 square foot warehouse, so there's a lot of space to put the inventory."

Melnick says they don't mind being busy because he knows he's helping his customers save money when costs are rising.

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