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Instacart and other grocery services skyrocket during a health crisis

Some are using it to boost their income during a tough time.

WYOMING, Pa. — Many people who have never before done parking lot pickup or used shopping and delivery services are doing it now.

Grocery stores, Amazon and other businesses are reporting a skyrocketing number of people who want to avoid going food shopping for themselves, and are paying for special services.

"Most of the customers I'm getting are first time customers to the app, and they are so appreciative to not have to leave the house," said Laurie Burdett of Duryea. "I'm seeing everyone from older customers who are the vulnerable population to maybe younger mothers who aren't able to get out because their kids are home."

Instacart uses contracted workers to shop for and deliver groceries.

The company announced last month it will hire 300,000 new workers to meet demands.

Kelli Ann Drazba had to close her sports massage business in Dunmore because of coronavirus.

Now, she averages five jobs a day working for Instacart. 

"I figured well, people are making money doing this. I'm sure if I hustle, I'm sure I can make enough money to keep us afloat until I can get back to work, so that's what I'm doing. It is so busy. So busy," said Drazba. "I have the notifications on from 8 o'clock in the morning until 8 o'clock at night. So a batch is a job, or I like to call them runs, but a batch is a job. And now they're getting double orders and triple orders."

Drazba said she is not too nervous about being out and about. She takes precautions.

She and other Instacart shoppers say some of their customers prefer they just leave groceries inside their homes or garages to avoid contact.

The Instacart workers we spoke with say because this kind of service and others like it are so in demand to get your orders in as soon as you can. They recommend days or even weeks ahead of time.

"Maybe a month ago, I might be sitting around just staring at the app hoping an order comes through, I feel like for the past few weeks, any time I log on, I can pick and choose and go to any store that I want and make as much money as I want."

Instacart and Amazon are just of few companies that are looking to hire right now.  Find a full list HERE.

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