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Inauguration Protest Draws Crowd to Courthouse Square

Group of protesters gathered on Courthouse Square in #Scranton one of many anti-Trump protests organized nationwide @wnep pic.twitter.com/vItTUeUnof — Sta...

SCRANTON -- Close to 200 people gathered on Courthouse Square in Scranton to demonstrate against President Donald Trump.

The protest was one of many across the country organized by the group International Workers of the World.

Local organizers said they felt the need to start the protest just as President Trump was taking the oath of office.

Organized by the International Workers of the World through social media, the crowd of close to 200 came to the courthouse rather than watch the festivities in Washington D.C.

"I refused to turn on the radio," said Joanne Smith of Harford. "I refused to even turn the radio on in my vehicle, but I was on Facebook, I admit it, and it feels like a national day of mourning. That's what it feels like, I am sad."

They came to commiserate and to let President Trump know they're watching, even rooting for him.

'Hillary Clinton, I was rooting for her as the first female president. I'm sorry we didn't get to that point, but as I said, I really hope that Trump does well for our country and represents us in an appropriate manner, which he has not done thus far," said Tara Marta of Scranton.

The protesters wrote out a list of demands, including action on climate change and an increase in the minimum wage, then took that list to the regional offices of both of Pennsylvania's U.S. senators.

"Lackawanna County didn't vote for Trump, we went against Trump," said Jonathan Christiansen of Scranton. "But I felt like it was really important for us, just like all the other people around the world, to speak up especially because Trump is in power, he's a Republican. The senate is now Republican, the house is now Republican. They're going to put in, I'm sure, a conservative Supreme Court justice. So this is really the only power we have left."

Some of President Trump's supporters in Lackawanna County expressed their views in different ways. Newswatch 16 spotted a not-so-subtle sign of support in Dunmore welcoming the new president.

Some of the protesters plan to take action again on Saturday as they'll be leaving bright and early to go to the Women's March in Washington D.C.