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Hurricane damage could lead to more shortages in Pa.

Industries that have already been dealing with shortages could see the issue get worse. Damage from Hurricane Ida is threatening to disrupt certain supply chains.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — The used car lot at Prestige One Auto Sales is still bare like it has been for more than a year.

General Manager Nicholas Pezak says knowing the demand is there, but being unable to meet it, is frustrating.

"I've been doing this since 1978, and I've never seen it in this condition that we're in today. It seems like things get better, and then they get worse," Pezak said.

Right now, he's bracing for things to get worse as thousands of people across the East Coast try to replace their vehicles damaged by Hurricane Ida.

"Absolutely, it's going to affect a lot of dealers. There's a shortage of used cars the way it is now, and this is going to make it a little bit worse what's happening down south, absolutely."

Across the street at Sylvester Chevrolet, salesman Logan Bednash says every day he has to turn customers away who want a new car.

"You see the lot; this would usually be filled with Equinoxes and Traxes, anywhere from 50 to 75 cars, and we're down to maybe 12, if that."

Another industry that could see an impact is the lumber industry. At the Dalton Do It Center, owner Scott Lacoe says things are finally starting to feel like they're back to normal again. He hopes it stays that way.

"Pricing is starting to come down; availability is still there. There could be some issues going forward with the hurricane that just came through," Lacoe said. "There could be train lines that can't run anymore if there's damage, trucking, there's a lot of issues that can happen ... even just trees getting damaged and not being able to mill anymore."

Lacoe says hurricane aside, the lumber industry is on track to get back to business as usual in the weeks and months ahead.

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