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Hundreds support farmers after fire in Lackawanna County

Friends, family, and community members came together Saturday to support the Amasa Hill Farm in Benton Township.

FLEETVILLE, Pa. — There wasn't a lot of hope on Amasa Hill Farm in Benton Township, near Fleetville, back in August when a fire destroyed a barn and killed 120 cows.

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But there was plenty of hope at the Fleetville Fire Department on Saturday, where hundreds showed up to support the farming family. 

"It's just amazing. I mean, it tells us a lot. Maybe we've done alright in life. The people in this community are supporting us like I never would ever dream. It's just heartwarming and something that's going to make you cry," said Douglas Johnson, a victim of the fire. 

Brothers Douglas and David Johnson run the farm that's supported five generations of their family. Friends put together the fundraiser that will help them get back on their feet. 

"The amount of people who have responded, it is overwhelming. It actually shows us what community does," said organizer Cindy Edwards. 

"It just, it hits home being such a small community, and we just want to help them in any way that we can," said Suzanne and Dan Zick of Factoryville. 

This is a farming community - so many of the people attending can empathize with the Johnson family.

People donated things big and small to raffle off at the benefit. 

"My friend lost her barn and cattle in a fire," said Bryanna Zick of Factoryville. 

But, it would be hard to beat Bryanna's donation - she's raffling off her very own steer to help her friend.

"It's to make her feel happy and glad, so she has more money to build a new barn and raise new cows," said Bryanna. 

That kind of selflessness struck the Johnson family and has given them more hope than money can buy. 

"With the community support, we know we're going to be back at some capacity doing what we love, what we do for a living, and that's farm," said David Johnson, a victim of the fire. 

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