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Heading to Poland to help refugees

A man from Lackawanna County is preparing to travel to Poland to help Ukrainian Refugees.

CLARKS GREEN, Pa. — Dorian Butovich is in the process of renovating and moving his business, Central Park Flowers, but he can't help but think of the war in Ukraine. Dorian was born in New Jersey, but Ukrainian was his first language. Dorian's parents fled the country many years ago and moved to the United States. Now, he and his family watch the destruction of his parents' native country in horror.

"People think economy; I think social justices and social injustices. That's what drives me. That's what drives my family. You know, I teach my daughter to stand up to bullies. And you have to ... you can't just say, you have to do it."

Dorian is doing something about it. On Saturday, he is hopping on a plane to Poland, where he will spend ten days volunteering with the World Central Kitchen to feed and care for Ukrainian refugees.

"We will be working in a city right on the border of Ukraine and Poland. The largest influx of Ukrainians are coming in through this city. And they'll just need aid right away, medical supplies, food, comfort, empathy."

In the back of his mind, Dorian has concerns about the recent attacks on refugees escaping and those trying to help.

"Yeah, it's always on the mind. You know, I want to come home, obviously, want to be with my family. But this, my heart calls for it. I'm hoping to give comfort to families that obviously need it. Just play a small role in letting them know that there's that there are people out there in the world that will are willing to help."

Dorian is also selling t-shirts to help raise funds for Ukraine and can be purchased here.

 His GoFundMe page is here.

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