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Gym opens during shutdown for a second time

10X Fitness has two locations, both of which are open during the current COVID-19 restrictions.

10X Fitness reopened its doors at its Mountain Top gym and in Taylor on Dec. 26.

The gym is violating state orders but has the blessing of many of its members.

"That was probably the best Christmas present I got this year because it was the day after!" said Nick Nalaschi of Old Forge. 

Owner Daniel Cronauer has been here before.

Back in the spring, when much of northeastern and central Pennsylvania was in the yellow phase, he violated shutdown orders and opened up.

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The current restrictions affect gyms, theatres, and restaurants and are in effect until at least January 4th. 

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"Members here completely support us. We have people from states away who support us, towns away, 'I can't come to your gym, but I support what you're doing.' People want the ability to choose. It's legal to buy cigarettes. I don't smoke cigarettes because I choose not to. We just want the choice to come work out," said Daniel Cronauer. 

The owner of 10X Fitness says these current restrictions have been especially frustrating during the busy holiday shopping season.

He says his parking lot has been nearly empty while a few storefronts down, big box stores are packed. 

"Wait a minute, if this is a team effort, let's be part of the team, and we were, and we felt like we were left out to dry," said Cronauer.

In the spring, 10X Fitness was cited by Taylor Police for violating the state restrictions, but those charges were eventually dropped when the gym closed again.

Cronauer says he's already been warned by police this time. 

"I understand the police are just trying to do their job. They don't want to cite us. They might have to because they're just following their own orders. But we have to make a decision, it's either lose the business or pay fines, so it's a pretty easy decision," said Cronauer. 

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