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Growers loving warm weather in February

Employees at a greenhouse farm in Lackawanna County have loved the above-average temperatures in the last few days.

FOREST CITY, Pa. — Some folks may be looking for winter, especially after the week we've had, but growers in the area love warm weather in February. The 10 greenhouses at Blueberry Hill Farm Greenhouses near Forest City are certainly thriving this winter. 

"Our season has been fantastic so far. Every day we have a nice warm day. It's just a gift for us because we don't have to heat so much," said co-owner John Mustica. 

John owns the farm in Fell Township with his family. Even though it is technically closed for the season, there is work to be done all year long. 

"Even if it was cold outside, we'd still be inside working anyway, it doesn't make any difference," said John's mother, Eileen Mustica. 

Dealing with the cold has not been much of an issue this winter, especially the last few days, with well above average temperatures since the weekend. 

"With the sun being out and being so warm, we can open the doors up, let fresh air in, let the plants dry. It's not a good thing to keep it moist in here all the time, so being able to open the doors is fantastic," John explained.

With the doors open, the heat can be turned off. That makes any grower happy when it comes to the heating bill. It makes working outside a little easier, too.

"I enjoy working. I do the same amount of work, but enjoyed it and wasn't cold," Eileen said. 

Even though there is still a little winter left, employees at Blueberry Hill are already looking forward to their Mother's Day, and their best-seller, hanging baskets.

"We're ready. We got about 8,000 hanging baskets planted so far, so we're just waiting for Mother Nature to keep that sun out so they can grow," John said. 

The colder weather that is on the way will not necessarily be a problem, according to the growers at Blueberry Hill, because after all, it is still February, and that is what they are used it. 

"We're technically closed because nothing is ready for sale. I put on Facebook all the time that if someone is suffering from the Winter Blues, they are more than welcomed to come hang out in a greenhouse all day. We take volunteers too."

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