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Business boom for junk haulers during pandemic

Some junk haulers say they’re seeing a business boom because of it. Others say the virus may be keeping customers from calling.

SCRANTON, Pa. — With so many folks at home during this health crisis, clearing out homes and hauling away junk has taken on new importance for many.

Some junk haulers say they are busy.

“People are now working in their junk and working in their house around that junk, and they notice, ‘Oh, my goodness, I don’t want that anymore. Can you please get that out of here?'" said Dustin Bowen of Junken Monkeys Hauling Company based in Scranton.

That is not the case for everyone.

Some haulers say the fear of COVID-19 may have kept customers from calling, but it is getting better.

“I’m seeing more and more as people become aware of this kind of thing, how to deal with it, become more comfortable with that, that’s changing, too. In the beginning, people were afraid of any kind of contact," said Jake Cortazzo of WeDoCleanouts.com in Scranton.

The hauling company owners say they are grateful they never had to shut down during this pandemic.

They are considered essential businesses. They add that the key to success has been staying flexible.

“We added additional trucks, additional team members to be ready for anything, and it’s hard to gauge when we’re going to be busy because the phone could ring at any moment, but it’s on us to be ready for that," said Bowen.