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Getting back to normal: be careful with your kids

A school psychologist from Lackawanna County offers tips to help with separation anxiety.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — As many of us move from yellow to green, more and more people are getting out and about. However, a psychologist from Lackawanna County says to be careful, especially with kids.

So many of us have spent lots of time with our children at home during this crisis, but that may be creating some extra clingy kids.

"We're all seeing it; we're all seeing it as parents. Our kids are feeling more clingy, asking a lot of questions when we leave, wanting to know where we are going," said Karina Sheehan. "The funny thing is we are with them most of the time. We are with them more than we probably have ever been, and yet they're more fearful of us leaving and them leaving."

Sheehan owns Apple Tree Educational Associates in Lackawanna County and says as restrictions ease, and things get slightly more normal, going out into the world again may be frightening for our kids.

Sheehan said take baby steps and do not force them out too much all at once. She also said having and keeping a routine is a good way to help them.

"I always recommend some sort of activity during the day, some sort of exercise, with strict regular mealtimes, bedtimes, and some sort of academic time. The kids then know what to expect next and that transition, when we do go back to school, hopefully in the fall, that transition will be easier for them."

Sheehan said this separation anxiety and fear of leaving the house is happening in kids of all ages and adults, too.

"Talk to your friends about it, talk to your spouse about it talk to whoever you can about how you're feeling because you'll find you're not alone."

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