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Helping folks with free masks

Thousands of masks were given away for free in downtown Scranton. Employees from Lowe's handed out face coverings to some people who really need them.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Employees from Lowe's were set up along North Washington Avenue and Pine Street in Scranton on Friday, directly across the street from a senior living facility and a state housing project.

The workers gave away 3,500 masks for free.

"It means a lot because I'm on Social Security. I'm retired. It's hard for me to get masks, gloves, and everything like that so this is really appreciated," Willie Witherspoon said.

"We wanted to make sure it was in an area where we see that people have the need. There's a large concentration of people here. When you look in the community, they are walking around with things other than masks so we felt this would be the right place to do it," said Eric Mitchell, a manager at Lowe's.

Each person who came by got more than a dozen masks.

"It's a blessing and thank God that they're doing this. You know, they are helping people," Melvin Lundy said.

"During this pandemic time, it is really good that they are giving us a mask," Jenny Patel said.

Many of the people we spoke to say it has been hard for them to find masks in stores.

"I just came from the store. I mean, you can't even buy Lysol. There's nothing really that you can really use in the store," Witherspoon said.

"Driving here alone today, we have seen people with no masks and t-shirts because they are not able to secure them," Mitchell added.

The Lowe's employees handed out those 3,500 masks in an hour and fifteen minutes.