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Free back-to-school haircuts for kids at Scranton daycare

A local hairstylist is helping kids at a Scranton daycare go back to school in style.

SCRANTON, Pa. — The kids at Little People Daycare at Scranton will have some fresh cuts to show off when they go back to school this year.

Beautician Dee Valdora spent the day giving free haircuts to the school-aged children here.

It was Aviana Hrinda's first.

"It felt really ticklish!" she said.

But this was clearly not James Walsh's first time in a barber's chair - he knew exactly what style he wanted. 


Valdora works out of her home, but she's often on the road, giving free hair cuts to people who could use a helping hand.

"It's my passion. I've never been driven by money. Knowing there's single parents out there, with everything going on with the pandemic, everybody doesn't have it to go to the beauty shop for $25 haircuts or stuff like that. So just being able to give back is everything," said Valdora.

Valdora takes her talents to nursing homes and veterans centers, but she says there's something special about working with kids.

"Kids are like in that development stage, you know, and when you can get in them understanding and being caring, and being able to give to somebody else and not wanting something in return is the best thing that you can do, and the best way that we can live our life. Teaching them that, that's the best thing," said Valdora.

Donna Wood, the director at Little People Daycare, says she hopes this becomes an annual affair.

"It's convenient, it's easy for the parents - they're working, the kids are getting ready for school. So any way we can help them with convenience or finances is great," said Wood.