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Former Business Manager Charged in Attorney General’s Scranton School District Investigation

SCRANTON, Pa. — The former business manager for the Scranton School District has been charged in connection with a corruption investigation into the distr...

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The former business manager for the Scranton School District has been charged in connection with a corruption investigation into the district by the state attorney general.

Gregg Sunday worked at the Scranton School District administration building for more than 30 years until he retired about a year ago. He's now facing a felony corruption charge related to the state attorney general's investigation into financial wrongdoing in the district.

Sunday was charged Friday morning with one count of "conflict of interest" in connection with an investigation into the school district's vehicle maintenance agreements.

According to court papers, Sunday accepted free work on his and his wife's vehicles from the district's former fleet manager.

Prosecutors say Sunday paid for that work with thousands of dollars of taxpayer money.

Sunday is the second former Scranton school district official to be charged since the state attorney general started investigating financial wrongdoing in the district.

The attorney general’s office has already charged the school district fleet manager Daniel Sansky of Jefferson Township with defrauding the district of hundreds of thousands of dollars by overbilling the district for work and for billing the district for work done on the personal vehicles of some district employees between August 2005 and August 2017.

Sunday's felony charge of "conflicts of interest" relates to an alleged scheme with the first district official charged in the investigation.

According to court papers, former fleet manager Dan Sansky offered free auto work to Sunday, but Sunday turned around and billed the district even though the work was done on his personal vehicles.

Investigators found that the scheme cost taxpayers more than $8,000.  Prosecutors said the scheme was done with the understanding that Sunday would be influenced to help Sansky.

Court papers allege Sunday signed off on invoices without reviewing them and approved payments to Sansky for thousands of dollars worth of work that was never done.

The investigation showed Sansky also overbilled for work at his auto body shop, Danny’s Auto Service.

Prosecutors say the scheme contributed to the school district's financial downfall. The Scranton School District is under the state's "financial watch" status.

Sunday's attorney says they have already reached a deal with the attorney general's office.

"He's struck a cooperation plea agreement with the government and he's going to cooperate," said his attorney Pat Casey.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss any plea agreement. We're looking at a number of allegations," said Chief Deputy Attorney General Erik Olsen.

Sunday's attorney says he will cooperate with that investigation which prosecutors say is far from over.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss anything concerning plea agreements or statements that Mr. Casey made in court," said Chief Deputy District Attorney General Erik Olsen. "I will say this: the investigation is moving forward and we're looking at a number of allegations."

Prosecutors wouldn't say if Sunday's cooperation might lead to more arrests.

"All I can do is tell you that the investigation is going full force and I can't comment on whether there will be more arrests at this time," Olsen said.

Sunday was released on bail after his arraignment. He also gave up his right to a preliminary hearing. He's due back in court later on this year.

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