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Weather forecast worries Dickson City residents

Dundaff Street has been closed since May after major flooding. Some homeowners are worried about flash flooding Tuesday.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — Dundaff Street in Dickson City has been closed since May after major flooding tore up the road and damaged dozens of homes. 

With more rain on the way, some homeowners are worried.

Benjamin Jarosinski never worried about his house in Dickson City flooding. 

But for the last five months, he's had to pay closer attention to the forecast.

"It's always a concern now," said Jarosinski.

During an overnight rainstorm back in May, creek waters broke through the culvert behind his home. 

"End result we lost pretty much everything in our home. My mother's part of the house, including furniture, the furnace, everything. We basically had a lake behind our house," said Jarosinski.

He wasn't alone. 

Many of his neighbors are still working on thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

This neighborhood isn't considered a flood zone, so the damage isn't covered by insurance. 

"We're still doing remodeling right now. It's just little by little because everything is coming out of our pocket. There's only so much you can do in a clip," said Jarosinski.

That's why Jarosinski is prepared this time. 

Lackawanna County is under a flash flood watch through Tuesday evening.

"Now I gotta start taking a little bit more precautions with things. I already started to elevate some of the more important stuff."