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Family’s Backyard Gets Flooded Again During Heavy Downpours

CARBONDALE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Tuesday’s heavy downpours caused flash flooding all through parts of our area. According to the National Weather Service,...

CARBONDALE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Tuesday's heavy downpours caused flash flooding all through parts of our area.

According to the National Weather Service, one family in Lackawanna County had about two feet of water in their garage.

Sandy Miller explains how her backyard here on Lower Powderly Street near Carbondale continues to get flooded during heavy downpours, something that has been happening to them for 13 years.

“It comes from the road where the drain is all the way down like a creek and dumps into my backyard like a lake,” said Miller.

And with all the rain this area has seen this year, it's happened multiple times.

“Four times this year, since April,” said Miller. “And three times within the last two weeks.”

Pictures her son took show just how much water the yard took on that also flooded the garage and patio.

Fire crews were called to help pump out some of the water.

“The garage is already leaning because it was inspected by one of the firemen and they said it's already very dangerous, it's leaning, the floor's caving in,” said Miller’s son, Brandon Zacchara.

Now, they believe the pool is now a loss.

“It's got to come down at the end of the summer because it's all rusted and rotten around the bottom, it's leaking,” said Zacchara.

Even the National Weather Service sent out this alert saying a yard of a house near Lower Powderly Street took on two feet of water in the garage.

Even with the fire department's help and the use of their own pumps, there was still a significant amount of water left behind.

Miller says she's asking Carbondale Township officials to install a drain behind her house to take away runoff water.

“We need a drains, we need a drain or reroute that drain out by the road and dump it somewhere else instead of in my backyard,” said Miller

We did speak to a Carbondale Township supervisor who says the board is trying to find a way to help the family resolve the flooding issues.