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Dog Shot After Attacking Group of Kids, Police in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, Pa. — A dog was shot and killed by police in Lackawanna County Monday afternoon and now police say the dog’s owner may face charges. The...

CARBONDALE, Pa. -- A dog was shot and killed by police in Lackawanna County Monday afternoon and now police say the dog's owner may face charges.

The pit bull that was shot and killed Monday afternoon was attacking another dog and when officers tried to step in, police say the pit bull went to charge those officers and a group of kids. The pit bull had a violent past and officials say it even attacked the same dog and killed a cat just last week.

"They were probably just as afraid as anybody. You don't have to be a little kid to be afraid of this dog. I was afraid of it," John Mucksavage said.

Officers were called to Washington Street around 4 p.m. Monday for a report of a loose pit bull attacking a Doberman.

"The incident that happened yesterday, I heard the dogs fighting, but I didn't see it. You could hear it. It was so loud. The whole neighborhood heard it," Mucksavage recalled.

Police say the officers tried several other options, including using a Taser on the pit bull and even using the patrol car as a barrier, but the dog charged officers and a group of kids. Officials say killing it was the only option left.

"I was sitting at the table reading, then I heard this bomb-like noise. I came running to the front door to see what it was, looking out, seeing the police, right outside my door on the front sidewalk lay a dead dog," said Nancy Moylan.

The pit bull was shot and killed on 7th Avenue in Carbondale, a few blocks away from where the dog fight started.

"It was really traumatic. Having a dog of my own, it was traumatic. Of course, I understand because of the hazards with the dog, it was a better situation," Moylan said.

Some neighbors in this part of Carbondale recognized the pit bull but don't really know anything about the owner.

"If the dog ever got loose, it seems like he just went after anything," Mucksavage said.

Mucksavage had an encounter with the pit bull about a year ago. He tried confronting the owner then, afraid for his yard and his own dogs.

"I said, 'That's a mean dog. He almost got into my yard.' And they said he wasn't mean. And I said, 'That's the meanest dog I ever saw,'" Mucksavage added.

Carbondale police and the mayor say they are investigating the incident and that charges may be filed against the owner of the pit bull. The Doberman that was attacked has a broken foot. In a post on Facebook, the mayor said, "on behalf of the city of Carbondale, we extend our thoughts and prayers to all involved."

Mayor Justin Taylor says this was a difficult situation to deal with because almost all the officers in the Carbondale police department are dog owners - even the officers involved in Monday's incident.

"Myself, I have four dogs. The police chief has dogs. The officer involved has four dogs. No one wants to see anyone have any type of situation where they have to shoot a dog, especially in public in front of people," said Mayor Taylor.