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DePaul School returns in new location

Some students in Lackawanna County are back in the classroom after some uncertainty on whether they'd return this school year.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — In the spring, Allied Services announced it was no longer going to run the DePaul School on its campus in Scranton. 

The program helped children with learning differences, and parents worried that their children wouldn't get the specialized learning they needed.

"The closest DePaul School that does what we do is in Louisville, Kentucky.  As far as schools that work with dyslexia and learning differences, the closest school is in Media, PA," said Principal Suzanne Rickard, DePaul School at Friendship House.

But those worries would disappear when Friendship House in Scranton stepped in to restart the program that gives 3rd through 8th graders the tools they need to continue their education.

"Getting them to like themselves and understand that they're intelligent and have the capabilities to do anything they want to do in this world. That's probably the biggest piece beyond academics. Getting them to strive to be more," said Rickard.

"The mission of the DePaul School and the mission of Friendship House are congruous, so it was an easy decision," said Alex Hazzouri, Friendship House CEO.

The school will spend the next year in its temporary location in the lower level of Temple Hesed in Scranton. 

The kids are happy to be back and thankful their teachers were too after so much uncertainty before the school year began.

"The teachers, what ones are coming, what ones are not. That's the real thing I was worried about," said Kellan Finnerty, 4th grader.

"I really missed them, and I was kind of worried. What if they're not going to be here? What if the school shuts down for good," said Haileigh Gallagher, 3rd grader.

Students we spoke with were happy to be back in a classroom that fits their learning needs.

"There's not a lot of kids in the room. It's much quieter," said Gavin Price, 4th grader.

"I can see much better," said Emily Delsantos, 3rd grader.

The DePaul School at Friendship House hopes to have a more permanent location ready to go for next year.

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