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Charities come through with Christmas dinner

Thousands of people in Scranton will have Christmas dinner this weekend, thanks to an effort from a few local charities.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Friends of the Poor, Family to Family, and the CEO Weinberg Food Bank set up shop along Olyphant Avenue on Wednesday, prepared to feed families for the holidays.

But they've been doing this, holiday or not, almost every month since the pandemic began.

This food distribution comes during an especially expensive time for families.

"So helpful," said Sam Sewack. "I love it because then I can put the money towards Christmas presents or other food necessities that we're going to need."

Sewack was picking up food for her own family and five others. She says so many people she knows are struggling.

"My mom, I'm getting her one, my friend who has COVID, my downstairs neighbor, and myself. And then my friend, her family, and her mom."

People picking up food all told us that their grocery bills these days are making it harder to make ends meet.

"Like milk, it used to be cheaper; now, in some places, it's $4 or $5. Even loaves of bread are going up, a lot of groceries going up, you know, since the pandemic. So, the fact that they're doing this for a lot of people, it's great."

"It's going up, it's going up with everything else," said Linda Rogers. "I've got about fifty cents more of my social security for this year."

Volunteers filled each car with a frozen turkey as well as ingredients for all kinds of sides for a Christmas dinner—something these recipients say would be otherwise hard to achieve.

"When I see other families, like my step-daughter, like my neighbor, you know, we're all struggling, and the money is short."

So it's nice to have other neighbors to rely on.

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