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Leonard's Pharmacy in Scranton closing

The pharmacy that's served customers for more than a century is shutting its doors.

SCRANTON, Pa. — It's an all too familiar tale along West Market Street in Scranton's north end. Leonard's Pharmacy is closing its doors for good, one of the few remaining family pharmacies in the city.

"Hard but relieving that we're going to move on. We're going to miss all our customers, and I have no words, there's no words. We're going to miss everybody," said Theresa Defrancesco.

Theresa Defrancesco has owned Leonard's for the past 30 of its 100 plus years on Providence Square. Her brother Joe Marchese has served as the pharmacy manager.

"It's unbelievable, the customers, bringing us flowers, plants, calling us. They're sorry to see us go, and we're sorry to see them; we're sorry not to see them again. But it's been a good 30 years for us," said Marchese.

The family says they've been edged out by big-box pharmacies and just couldn't make it work anymore.

Neighbors, who have also become customers, say they'll miss more than the convenient location.

Walter Marchwat works across the street and has been a customer for decades.

"They're kind and considerate, they really, if you have a problem or whatever they'll work with you and help you out in any way. it's really hard to see a family pharmacy fall by the wayside; it really is, because they have so much personal contact."

Leonard's owners are walking away, knowing they made a difference.

"It's very overwhelming that, to think that overall these years everyone was so loyal to you," Defrancesco said.

Leonard's Pharmacy is located on Providence Square in north Scranton. It's a valuable piece of real estate, but there is no word on whether there are any plans for the building.