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Brushes and books; how art students spruced up library

Newswatch 16's Jack Culkin shows us the new murals that showcase the art skills of students from Riverside High.

TAYLOR, Pa. — The creativity of some high school students will soon be on display at the Taylor Community Library in Lackawanna County.

With some fine-tipped brushes and a lot of blue paint, students from the Riverside Art Club are giving a library wall a whole new look.

"In our school, we've done like one or two really big ones but not in the community. This is our first one that's outside of the school building," said Lisa Temples, an art teacher at Riverside, who is overseeing the creation of the murals in the Taylor Community Library.

The design for the main mural on the front wall shows the students' creativity running wild with cartoonish trees and birds.

Temples says the designs allow students to express themselves in their own unique way.

"It's giving the kids that are in the art club a chance to showcase their skills and talents outside of the building."

The murals are set to be finished before the school year begins. The hope is to create a connection between the student artists and community members who visit the Taylor Community Library.

"The younger kids that come here and get to use the library get to see what the older kids do, and it's a nice little connectivity that they can see and get involved with their peers," Temples added.

Senior Nicholas Bluselli, one of the artists, says this is his chance to make this mark in the community — a mark he hopes the next generation of students can be inspired by.

"I think this mural will bring a lot more than just excitement, but some passion into the next generation of kids who are going to Riverside."

Plans for more murals all over the library are set to begin at the end of this week.

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