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Backyard improvement boom continues into 2021

The trend of backyard living that exploded last year continues this summer.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — Last year during the pandemic, millions of people turned their focus to their properties and their backyards. 

They put in pools, gardens, spruced things up, added gardens, and even chickens in some cases. 

"Backyard poultry is really one where you can be much more self-reliant, and there’s this homesteading, many of those chickens become like pets," said Mary Winn Pilkington of Tractor Supply Company. 

Backyard living remains hugely popular. 

“Spending that quality time with those that you love around a fire pit in the backyard, more cooking at home, certainly those are things we see continuing and are sustainable over time," added Pilkington. 

Those in the business say they think this trend of more backyard living will continue beyond this year because so many have spent so much time and money, too. 

"We’ve all found a renewed focus on the home as the center and spending quality time in our backyard, and we see that trend continuing because when you’ve made an investment like that, you want to get the most reward out of it." 

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