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Attorney General’s Office Investigating Dunmore Warehouse

DUNMORE, Pa. — Agents from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and U.S. Homeland Security agents were at a warehouse on East Grove Street in ...

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Agents from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office and U.S. Homeland Security agents were at a warehouse on East Grove Street in Dunmore all day Wednesday.

Both departments are being tight-lipped about what they're looking for but it appears to involve some dangerous materials

The raid has been centered on a large warehouse on East Grove Street in Dunmore, near Schautz Memorial Field.

Most people in the borough remember this as the old American Silk Mill but a coffee company out of New Jersey took it over a few years ago.

This shocked a lot of neighbors in Dunmore -- agents in hazmat suits and breathing from oxygen tanks carrying metal barrels and cans found in a storage container on Prescott Avenue in the borough.

They went through what they collected for hours. Their suits and the snow became covered in a pink substance.

The raid was centered around the former American Silk Mill warehouse on East Grove Street. A company called Socafe purchased the warehouse in 2017. Socafe makes single-use coffee pods.

Neighbors say Socafe leases parts of the warehouse to at least four other businesses. The attorney general's office would not tell us which business was the target of the raid.

Agents with the attorney general’s office were joined by federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security for part of the day.

Neither department has shared any information about the investigation with Newswatch 16 or any of the neighbors

“I know the owner’s from New Jersey, I believe, and came here two years ago with great aspirations and can only speculate what’s going on. But it’s his building, so something is going on that we should know about. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the next couple days or couple hours," said neighbor Mark Levandoski.

Dunmore borough officials and Dunmore police tell us they were not given a heads up about the raid. They learned about it when state agents accidentally tripped an alarm early Wednesday morning. Those local officials also haven't yet received any information about what agents were looking for.