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An end to 'Lake Commerce' in sight?

A busy road in Dickson City has been forced to close several times due to flooding over the past year or so.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — Dickson City borough officials say they cringe every time it rains, dreading that Commerce Boulevard will flood, causing the road to be closed. The issue is a drainage problem located in a tricky spot.

"The biggest hang-up was who was going to assume responsibility for it because it was complicated. You know, the stormwater was collected in one land development, and it kind of passed under a road that Dunmore borough owns, and then it goes into a catch basin owned by another developer," explained borough manager Cesare Forconi.

Business owners in the area have been very frustrated because the flooding meant it would be difficult for customers to get around the road closure. Now they're happy to hear there's a fix in the works.

"We don't have to worry about every time it rains like today that the road's going to be shut down. So yeah, we're really happy about that," said Kristy Latwinski, manager of Buff City Soaps.

Heavy rain caused Commerce Boulevard to be closed again on Tuesday. The Dickson City Police Department announced the reforming of "Lake Commerce," making light of a bad situation.

Buff City Soaps did the same earlier this year, even creating a soap called Lake Commerce.

"People still come in talking about it. They thought it was hilarious. The soap sold very well, and they've even customized it and other things such as laundry. It's become really popular here," Latwinski said.

All jokes aside, Dickson City officials are thankful that the end of Lake Commerce is in sight.

"Tentatively, I think it's about a 30-day project," Forconi said. "Let's hope it gets in there, and that's barring any unforeseen other problems that might arise when they start doing it."

Work to fix the drainage problem is expected to begin sometime in October.

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