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Providing help for the homebound

The Lackawanna Area Agency on Aging has come up with a way to help those most in need get help while staying at home.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Very early on, we learn what the colors green and yellow can mean on traffic lights. The Lackawanna Area Agency on Aging is using that concept to help seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working with the United Way and other volunteer groups, the county agency is distributing green and yellow sheets of paper. People of any age are asked to give them to their older neighbors to display in their windows.

Green means everything is OK; yellow means that the neighbor might need something.

"This is really to help catch those individuals who might fall in the cracks and make sure we've connected with them in a meaningful way," said Jason Kavulich, Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging.

The organizers hope it inspires neighbors to help neighbors. If there are bigger concerns, the agency can step in to help.

"For neighbors and friends who want to connect with their neighbors, we have them here at the building; we have them at City Hall, we have them at various police stations throughout the community. If you're an older adult, contact our office, and we'll get it to you, and if you don't have someone who is readily connected to you, we'll help you make that connection, too," Kavulich said.

Seniors we talked to say they'll use the colored papers as a way to connect with neighbors without having to make physical contact.

"Just to let them know I'm OK, in case if I ever needed something, of course, I'm out today, but it's very unusual that I do come out, but here I am," Elaine Damore said.

"So maybe a nice person walking by will see the sign and will help them out," Anna Reidenbach said.

Coworker of the Day We here at the Aging Office would like to intr... oduce you to our newest coworkers and spotlight these special guys! Introducing Artie! Even though we're reaching the end of the week, Artie is keeping it very professional on a Thursday.

Get more information from the Lackawanna County Area Agency on Aging here.